‘O Sole mio – Tiziana Savarese & Dora Statunato – Guitar and mandolin

Funiculi’ Funicula’ – Ethos Duo – Guitar and mandolin
One of the most famous italian songs (neapolitan classic tradition) with a guitar and mandolin arrangement during an exclusive wedding in the Amalfi Coast.
‘O Sole mio – Tiziana Savarese & Dora Statunato (Ethos Duo) – Guitar and mandolin

Piazza Vittorio (Choro Maxixe) Celso Machado – Ethos Duo with guitar and Mandolin

Il Carnevale di Venezia di M.Paganini – Guitar ensemble – Performed by the students (from 5 years) of Maestro Tiziana Savarese

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